Ryan Alvarez St. Paul, MN
Founder of Stairlift For Vets

StairLift For Vets was founded with a simple mission in mind. We wanted to use our elevator experience to provide freedom and mobility to those who need it. The work we do at StairLift For Vets comes from the heart.

Our Story:

A Veteran named Harry called me for help looking for a stairlift. He wanted to stay at his home and didn’t want to move out. He couldn’t afford the cost of a new lift. We were willing to give him a discount, but we only had new lifts available, but he still couldn’t afford it on his limited budget. He called me once a week for 2 months and continued to hammer me for a lower price. He was very, very ornery and upset with his mobility. He had a lot of pride, so I knew it was hard for him to ask. I tried to help the best way I could, but I only had new lifts available. He still could not afford it. I did not hear from him for a few weeks, and I began to wonder what happened. I received a call from his wife, Margaret. She told us that he fell down the stairs and that Harry couldn’t return home until they had a stairlift installed, Doctor’s orders. We were determined to help because he was a veteran, but they still couldn’t afford the cost. We asked a customer whose wife recently passed away if he would be willing to donate the stairlift to this vet in need. He was an accomplished World War II and a Korean War vet. The lift owner was very happy to donate the lift. We removed it and reinstalled it with just the cost of labor. Because of the kind donation Harry was able to return safely to his home. We were honored to be able to help Harry get the mobility equipment he needed to return home safely to his wife.

This opened our eyes to the possibilities of donated lifts. We continued to have veterans call and we started connecting them with lifts that were donated. The demand increased and we started to expand our program. Because the demand has grown so fast, we were not able to keep up in Minnesota alone with the amount of donations we were receiving. We then decided we needed to extend our pickup locations outside of Minnesota to fulfill our vets needs in places such as: Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri and Michigan. We currently are installing on average 1-3 lifts a week for veterans all while the program continues to grow.

We saw a need in the marketplace that nobody else was fulfilling because of the strict licensing and permitting requirements. The MN state code requires anyone uninstalling or installing stair lifts to have an elevator license, to be permitted and inspected to elevator code.
There are so many benefits to stay in and enjoy your own home safely. Because we can supply donated stairlifts to vets, they are able to move around at will, while maintaining their independence and comfort with dignity.

There are so many benefits to living in your own home and having the freedom and independence to move around at will. There’s nothing like the comfort and familiarity of a home for elderly, handicapped, or disabled people. Thankfully, modern technology has brought us excellent solutions—and now, StairLift For Vets is here to provide those solutions to our customers.

StairLifts For Vets helps veterans live at home safely. We are proud to offer mobility solutions to our Veterans’ needs so they can live safely at home with independence and dignity. Our work at StairLifts For Vets comes from the heart.