Ryan Alvarez St. Paul, MN
Founder of Stairlift For Vets

StairLift For Vets was founded with a simple mission in mind. We wanted to use our elevator experience to provide freedom and mobility to those who need it. The work we do at StairLift For Vets comes from the heart.

Our Story:

A Veteran called me for help looking for a stairlift. His name was Harry, and he couldn’t afford the cost of a new lift. We were willing to work with him and sell him a used lift, but he still couldn’t afford the reduced price on his limited budget. A week later, we received a call from his wife, Margaret. She told us that he fell down the stairs and that Harry couldn’t return home until they had a stairlift installed, Doctor’s orders. We were determined to help somehow and do our best to prevent a call like this from happening again. Because they still couldn’t afford the cost, we sought an alternative solution. After a great deal of calls and brainstorming, I reached out to the DAV, who provided the olive branch for the seed of this program. The DAV connected us to someone willing to donate a stairlift to a Veteran, and we were honored to be able to help Harry get the mobility equipment he needed to return home safely to his wife, Margaret. We learned from this experience and discovered that we could help more Veterans stay safe in their home with StairLifts For Vets.

There are so many benefits to living in your own home and having the freedom and independence to move around at will. There’s nothing like the comfort and familiarity of a home for elderly, handicapped, or disabled people. Thankfully, modern technology has brought us excellent solutions—and now, StairLift For Vets is here to provide those solutions to our customers.

StairLifts For Vets helps veterans live at home safely. We are proud to offer mobility solutions to our Veterans’ needs so they can live safely at home with independence and dignity. Our work at StairLifts For Vets comes from the heart.