Follow these 4 easy steps to help our Veterans in need

1. Send us a picture of the Stairlift or Call us


TXT: 651-488-7926

CALL: 651-488-7926

2. We will respond with a time frame

Our team works round the clock to guide you through the process. Our team member will reach out to you to schedule an ‘Uninstallation Appointment.

3. We will send out a licenced technician to uninstall the stairlift

Our technicians are licensed and highly trained. Whether it is an Acorn, Bruno, Stannah, AmeriGlide, or Savaria, we have the skills to get it safely uninstalled.

4. Your Stairlift will go to a Veteran in need

Hurray! This is the final step of the process. We will install your donated Stairlift to a Veteran in need.

Starlift For Vets

2569 7TH, AVE E


(651) 488-7926 

(888) 6- VETLIFT

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StairLift For Vets

728 Bernedotti Dr. Stu. 116

Naperville, IL 60563

(630) 280 1819

(888) 6- VETLIFT